Hello, my name is Helga Elli (aka Short and Stout ❤️). I was born on Friday, September 13th, 2019. No need to fear that day, me and my six other siblings are called the “Lucky 7” because we are the luckiest pups to have been born to the best Momma ever! I am a normal, happy puppy that is loving life with my siblings but now that I am getting older, I would really love to find my very own LOVING forever family to love. Since I am expected to grow into a pretty large doggy it is important that I learn what to do. I will need a family that will not only love me to the moon and back but a family that will help me learn to become a true grown up member of the family. My foster family says that, to start, I need to learn to potty outside all the time, how to use a crate (so I am safe when alone), how to come when called, how to sit and stay, how to walk on a leash (out in public after my 3rd parvo vaccination) and how to leave something that I shouldn’t have. I really don’t know what all that means at this point, but I truly want to find out. My foster family also wants you to know that because I am a baby, I will be exploring my world with my mouth. I will require lots of toys and chews to occupy me. Although I don’t mean it, I may latch onto your toes, your shoes and the bottom of your pants. It’s just that I want to know all about you and that’s how I learn. Please have patience as I learn what I can and what I can’t do. Being distracted by treats and toys will help a lot.